This reading covers 12 months. It will cover all areas of life, and it's broken down into 10 sections, with the timelines for each.  I will highlight any challenging timelines so you have ample time to align yourself in the best possible position.  I'll also point out where your main energy will be focused on.  Where your mind will be mentally occupied.  Home, love, material, financials.  Blessed or expanded business or something you may be given.  Unexpected changes, for better or worse.  I also see where you may want something secretly, subconsciously, or consciously.  and much more.  


This reading is set up to empower and aid you in strategically aligning the best possible positions for yourself, and to make the best use of your health, wealth, and well-being.  This is an overall panoramic view of your year, if you have questions add them and I'll look them over before I start.  

Please provide your full birth date, including time and location. & your questions, if you are looking at any one area, including what that is, etc.

This is a video recorded Reading and will be sent to your email within five days of purchase.