Somewhere IN-BETWEEN need & desire, to change any situation is the attitude that will allow you to produce a quality environment for it to flourish. 

We swing hard and swift the pendulum of life.  If you feel like Helen Keller at a pinata party.  This is a great option for you.

The concern with this radical movement is many, but we will mention two key items.  Most importantly - It is overwhelming on the nervous system, the digestive system, and your heart, which means your overall well-being is significantly compromised.  Your health is your wealth and it is not worth risking.  Secondly, you are either coming in or going out, there is no established long-term goal, no rational momentum that gets you onto higher ground, zero leverage.  To add insult to injury, what usually follows is you have now pinned yourself into a corner and vulnerable (WE DO NOT WANT THIS) because now you are reacting, and not choosing.  We make our wisest decisions when we can stand strong and are not able to be manipulated.

This plays out in different ways, either this is a LIFESTYLE / OR, these pressure points/hot buttons lay dormant, until the day something pokes you just the right way and you RE-act (mamas got a hairpin trigger) the relationship is over, the job is gone, the bank account is empty, etc.  I keep this light because humor is important, and we have a solution here.  With an arsenal of tools that will help you reinforce the solution.

This will first and foremost help you secure a harmonic life, with current relationships, and ones you build in the future.   It will save a marriage, leverage advancement in the work arena, or just give you a better attitude about your day to day life, foster a healthy relationship with your children, parents, etc.

So, if you find that relationship dynamics have a pattern, be it marriage, family, work, this reading is for you.  The goal of this reading is to look at the underbrush and take it out at the root, this is not always a quick fix, but it is a solid resolve.  

You will gain confidence here, not anxiety

You will have a definition of the challenge

You will have the solution to reinforce its end.

We address 1 area of life, you choose where you think it is and how it shows up for you, and I will organize a jumping-off place to start the journey.  People often know where they sabotage themselves, however, it is rarely the case.

Note: This offering is best live, but if you choose video recorded please fill out the contact form, and note that I will be sending you an email asking for specific things.