2021 year of the ox

Interesting things are about to happen.  Wonderful things are in the air.  Be ready.  This is a year of fortunate things, attracting good luck not just for or to yourself but also to those around you.  Think, how can THIS impact the world at large.  Plant something build something, learn something, etc. THAT HAS SUBSTANCE, brainstorm with your family, friends, community. Plant your feet on the GROUND, Get out in the world, get your azz off the chair, off the internet, go out and play!

PUT IN THE EFFORT - Good fortune shines on new ventures & beginnings.  Whatever it is, you are imaginative, intuitive, and clever this year.  Work hard and be humble.    Build something for the LONG TERM, keep your feet on the ground, this is not the time for daydreaming, its an ACTION time.  You are aiming for deep roots, sustainability, ease, and flow, enjoy the process!  IT MATTERS. ​Do not put a BUT in anything you say, there is ALWAYS a way, be creative, you CAN DO IT!

INVITE OTHERS - This is not a year to keep to yourself or to be stubborn.  If you've been looking for your place in the world, or that person in the world, you may just find a place to call HOME, you are very attractive to people this year, you have substance and it attracts others to you.  This is a year things are drawn to you, don't chase anything, if you have to run after something, LET IT GO. ​This is a year to ask better questions, put some thought into them, it is not a time to say HOW DO I FIND THIS, it is a time to say HOW DO I ATTRACT THIS TO ME. 

Trust me beautifuls, get excited about life again, because Spiritual Law trumps karmic law!!


"what you truly desire" 

Feeling Loved

The undefinable longing, void you can't quite put your finger on - is this.

I take a kitchen table approach with all my offerings, come as you are.  The most sincere, raw, helpful discussions are had at the table.

Example of some of the most discussed topics, but not limited to.  

  • Tarot can help you sort out difficult issues.

  • Interpret troubling emotions.

  • Release cloudy thought patterns.

  • Give you a fresh perspective on which direction to go.

  • If you are looking for advice on moving forward.

  • Need someone to dismantle a protective wall that is now keeping valuable things from you.

  • Unlock your potential

  • Concentration & Will Power

  • Drill down on core values (without knowing these you are living someone else's life)

  • General Direction in life

  • Health, Strengths, Weaknesses

  • Build relationships that last

  • Get to know yourself better

  • Reimagine or reinvent your marriage, partnerships, YOURSELF


Career, Life-Path,  Calling/Purpose, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Dating, Family Dynamics, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Patterns, Addictions, Compulsions, Fears, Phobias,  Finance, Clarity, Weighing Options,  Vocation, relocation, & MUCH MORE.


I OFFER SAME DAY READINGS (Tuesday - Saturday)

- If you are struggling today, let's take a look today 


- If you need an answer quick, this is perfect



Life is NOT written in stone!

If we don't like what we see in the cards,

we can change what you are doing,

this will change your course

& your destiny.

This is why we do tarot beautifuls & I point out all the obstacles for you

so you will be aware & prepared!!


Not all time is good for all things.  If you push, control, force your agenda you may miss out on an infinitely better alternative.  A clear example, pushing a career agenda in a timeline where you are prime for meeting the love of your life, brush up against a health concern you didn't see coming, OR, a fantastic relocation opportunity appears that you didn't realize you want until now.

Know what time it is so you can use your time, health, wealth & resources in the best possible way.

Let's take a look, let's make a plan.